Brioche Nanterre et confiture de coing

Trout en papillote

It Italy they call it "al cartoccio" and in Asia they sometimes use banana leaves. We use butcher paper, a knob of salted butter, some chives or tarragon, and slices of fresh lemon. The margin of error is exponentially increased when cooking fish this way, but the best part about it is the aroma that fills the room when you tear open the paper.

In search of Cantillon

One of the most sought-after beers in the world comes from the traditional Cantillon family brewery outside the historic center of Brussels, Belgium. If you make the pilgrimage, stock up on as much gueuze as you can cram into your Rimowa.

Endless Summer

Filling a hamper with your favorite paperbacks, crunchy poilâne bread, and our Les Rascasses rosé-- head out to the beach, the park, or even just the backyard. Hopefully you've brought enough ice to keep the rosé cold enough to sip as slowly as possible, or at least long enough to finish one of the books.